The authors

Beat Sigel

I've run my own advertising agency for more than 30 years and am a successful international graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist. I live with my wife and business partner in a small idyllic village in the west of Switzerland near the capital Bern.

The enthusiasm for golf did not come until the age of 45 during the layout of the book "The 5 Elements" for Thierry Moser. Thierry became my patient (!) Teacher and best friend in the following years.

During countless joint golf lessons, the idea of ​​the funny illustrated rulebook came into being, which now holds you in the hands and hopefully additionally fun for you golf.

Thierry Moser

In 1989 I watched the Masters and Nick Faldo won this tournament in an incredible playoff for the first time. I learned that everything is possible in this game. From that moment on, I have not stopped playing golf. My passion for this fascinating game was born.

Two years later, I officially became a Golf Professional and finished my education. After a few years as a golf teacher in Paris I moved to Switzerland, where I wrote my first golf book: "The 5 elements".

During the 15 years that followed, I built and ran one of the largest golf academies in Switzerland in Bern with 12 golf pros and many satisfied students! It was a great experience!

Meanwhile I moved to Miami with my family and continue to live my enthusiasm for this sport. A new book has been created, which I wrote with my longtime good friend Beat: "Golf Easy Rules". Have lots of fun with it!